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Hi Friends,
We are Mark & Cindy here at Petal Pusher Microgreens!
In an effort to stay productive after retirement & our desire to become an integral part of our community we were inspired to research microgreens & that turned into a passion for growing & eating these delicious and nutritious baby plants! We have turned our garage into an Urban Garden where we organically grow microgreens.
So, what are microgreens?

Microgreens are plants that are no older than two weeks that have been cut just above the root before they have a chance to mature into whatever vegetable they were meant to become. They are much more vibrant in color and are more rich in nutrients than regular sprouts or adult plants. They pack a punch in vitamins and nutirents in fact up to 40 TIMES more than adult plants.
Our microgreens are grown using only certified organic soil and seed, and our vision is to help educate more people about the value in eating microgreens and to provide easy, affordable and regular access to microgreens close to home.
We look forward to meeting you and sharing our delicious product with you! 
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Bringing you the most delicious & nutritious Organically Grown Microgreens

Petal Pusher Master (3).png
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